How Can You Benefit from ADP?

When you read the acronym ADP, the first thing that you wonder is “What does ADP stand for?” The search results show terms related to Biology, chemistry and so many other categories, but on top of the list you find the link for Automatic Data Processing Inc. On further research, you start understanding the functions and more about “what does ADP stand for? In terms of its values and commitments to the society.

What Exactly Is ADP?

Automatic Data Processing Inc is a company that provides a large variety of outsourcing services. Founded in 1949, it started as a Payroll processor, but the services have expanded over the years to cover benefits management, background checks on potential employees, retirement plans, and compensation packages for workers among many others. Their software products include time and attendance, talent management, and P2P (Procure to pay).

What Part of the Globe Does it Operate from?

  • The company is headquartered in Roseland, NJ, but provide services in 140 countries across the globe. They serve organisations of varying sizes and varying industries, be it hospitality, manufacturing, construction, Finance, Retail, Health Care, Education, professional and technical services, government services or social services, they are servicing each one of these.

What Services Can an Organisation Avail of?

Each industry has a different set of challenges but some of the common services required by all include making payments to your staff, managing a mobile workforce, planning out scheduling. In any of the various requirements, it becomes easier if you know what the benchmarks are. From providing these benchmarks to organising the right workforce for the client will be taken care of by ADP.

Why Should You Choose ADP?

Their solutions combine all your requirements for Human Capital Management and provide them and all the related services as a package. You need not go looking for any other partner. They also provide outsourcing services, compliance and analytics. If you can get all the services under one roof, why would you want to go running from pillar to post to apply them in your business. The human resources management is not a back-office function anymore but has become a matter of strategic business advantage with an intervention of ADP.

How Will the Services of ADP Benefit a Small Entrepreneurial Venture?

When you are starting fresh without any HR support, it can be tough. To manage salaries, payments of applicable taxes, hiring and training the staff can leave you confounded and incapable of concentrating on the important aspect of growing the business. To save all that hassle, you can make use of their package called ‘RUN’. There are customised packages available for different levels of requirement. Starting with basic payroll processing, direct deposit functionality, managing time and attendance and tax filing at the basic levels, services like check mailing, debit cards, unemployment insurance are added at a further advanced stage. The highest level of the package also includes tracking of applicants and conducting a background check on them.

There are further services on the admin front that can be utilised from ADP.

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