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Scheduling Social Media For Maximum Engagement

A combination of planned and unplanned online conversations can work wonders.By now, smaller business operators are likely to be aware that social media can be an invaluable marketing, learning and general business tool. But understanding how to apply it may be a different kettle of fish altogether.
Scheduling Social MediaAs has been recently reported, only 35% of smaller businesses actually use social media for business – a paltry number given the amount of attention given to it in all of the business websites and publications.

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Of those, a whopping 52% report experiencing no impact from their activities whatsoever, 48% report a positive experience and a resounding ‘none’ see a negative impact.

That’s right, not a single business operator surveyed reported a negative impact of social media on their business!

This is a remarkable result given the seemingly endless negative ‘chatter’ about social media being a waste of time and money, not to mention distraction for all concerned.

Which social media activity?

‘Using’ social media can mean many different things to different people. It can mean advertising, or participating in the conversations of business ‘groups’, or posting items of interest to their followers, and so on. It seems that every single business is using social media in a completely different way from the next business.

What is certain is that the greater the social media engagement, the greater the results. This is because the more often you post comments with social media networks, the more likely the chances a customer will be to see it, and in turn ‘like’ or follow your posts.

With more likes comes more opportunity for a post to go ‘viral’; your followers sharing with others and therefore spreading your message.